Friday, 22 August 2014

National Mourning Day

22nd August 2014

Hari yang sedih,
Suram, dukacita,
Mereka kembali dengan jasad terbujur kaku,
Semoga mereka tenang di sana...


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jauh Di Mata... Dekat Di Hati...

"Jumpa Mama kejap lagi".... Sambil hati melonjak dan sebenarnya... Mmg hati da takde pun kat KL. Kiranya jasad je wujud tapi naluri hati da melonjak gembira. Balik hometown la katakan. Dari saat beli tiket, beli barang-barang yang dipesan dan akhirnya sesi mengemaskan bagasi... Moment biasa yang terlalu indah. Mungkin ada yang menyangka apalah sangat, bukan naik tongkang yang hendak menyeberang seluas lautan. Naik flight kot. Tarik luggage ala-ala penyanyi akademi fantasia, check-in dengan muka comey dengan harapan kakak or abang counter tu kasi free je kalau terlebih 30kg. Pastu pusing-pusing KLIA, pandang kiri kanan dengan perasaan nak cuci mata tengok abg pilot (hahahaha)...

Sesuatu yang kecil yang berlaku saat beli tiket, packing luggage, pegi airport, check-in, bag drop.... Etc.... Ya, just a little thing yang mungkin tak akan pernah terjadi lagi. Yang selalu kita lupa betapa setiap detik itu berharga. Yang setiap detik itu, insan tersayang menunggu kita dengan penuh harapan. Dengan penuh kegembiraan saat kita tolak trolley, keluat dari pintu ketibaan. Perasaan yang begitu bahagia yang kadang kala kita lupa, masih adakah hari seperti ini?

Mungkin mereka bukan sesiapa, bukan saudara, bukan kenalan bahkan bukan kawan. Tapi mereka dekat di hati. Perginya mereka membuat hati ini terguris dan tercarik. Siapa yang mahu pengakhiran sebegitu? Hanya Tuhan yang tahu rahsia di sebaliknya. Kita yang hidup harus kuat dan tabah. Ya, cakap memang senang. Tapi ini sahaja la yang bisa terungkapkan. Mudah-mudahan bulan yang berkat ini menjadi saksi bahawa mereka pergi di dalam bulan mulia dan doa mengiringi perjalanan mereka. Al-Fatihah.

Tribute to...........

Much Love,

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Friday, 11 July 2014

12.07.2014 - My 4th Anniversary here in **** ***** :D

4 years ago, on Monday 12.07.2014, I was at the GVR Hotel, Genting Highlands for one month residential training as well as my day first working with my current company. So many things to be remembered. Happy (Cause I got a job!!! and of course at the big company :p) hahahaha..... Fear caused it's residential training yooo.... That means, I need to stay with strangers!! huhuhu.....

My first impression once I get there, "whoaaaa... so many people... they look young!!..." hmmm thought that I will be the eldest at that time and yes, I am the eldest! :) That time, my age was 26 :) (So you can calculate how old I am today :p) After registration, there was a opening ceremony and so on... and as I predicted, I don't really mingle around with those "kids"... hahaha... Yes, this is me. I am a very close person. I don't really, so call "friendly". My heart beats fast that time. My mind keep thinking.... "Do I made a good choice?" "Can I survive for a month here?" 
12.07.2014 (I know today is 11th but I have to post this early because I might not have time to publish it tomorrow) Hehehehe.....
Here I am today, after 4 years. It's funny when I think I am the same person but when I looking back everything has changed. My friends that I used to know 4 years ago are not working at the same umbrella anymore. So many people left. Some of them had a better offer, some of them went to oversea to further their study, some of them was getting married and decided to be a full house-mom. Great! They have all the happiness they ever wanted. Am happy for them. Me?

Remember that 4 years ago, I had asked myself two things... "Do I made a good choice?" My answer, Alhamdulillah. Allah is AlMighty. I am happy as I am today. What else should I say? This job made me a person that I am today. It's a lie if I said that I never cry for the past 4 years.... Yes, I did. Think about it, and in the end of the day.... This is L.I.F.E :)

Second question was, "Can I survive for a month here (Residential Training)?" Apparently I am!!!! Hahahahahaha.... whoaaaa a month okay?? How was a people like me can survive with those crappy, tight schedule and those "strangers"?? Again, Alhamdulillah. Never though I made this far. I don't call them "strangers" anymore. I call them friends. Some of them are still in touch.

So today, I pray to Allah, to give me the strength, a good health, a healthy mind, a positive attitude for me to go further. Thank you Allah for the opportunity. I swear that I never thought I made this far but Allahu Akhbar. More years to go. May Allah bless this journey. Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah :)
Till we meet again,
Much love!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan...


Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. Bertemu lagi dengan bulan mulia tahun ini.. Semoga kita semua mendapat rahmat dan kurnia dari Allah S.W.T


Semoga saya diberi kesihatan dan ksempatan untuk menghabiskan puasa.

Friday, 13 June 2014

The power of L.I.K.E

It's been a while since I didn't talk about workplace. I'd read one article that captured my heart; "Bosses From Hell". Sounds scary huh? Haha... Hmm.. The article sounds harsh but trust me, its not about condeming people who hold the title, "boss". For me, the author tried to explain what we (as human) supposed to do towards other people in this life especially workplace. We've spent 5 days in a week in the office and certain people spent more. Clearly shows that we spent more in workplace rather than our own home actually.

We suppose to be good to everybody regardless who we are and who they are. As a boss, a good heart doesn't mean you are weak or people might easy over your head but a good heart actually lead you to be a good person as well as a good leader not a good boss. Why good boss is not good? Because a good boss is someone who only know to make an order which is not good and the employee hate it! So to be a good boss is to be a good leader. He/she must know how to guide. I remember one famous quotes, "A boss say go! A leader say let's go!" Sounds similar yet different, right? :)

So, back to the article. He thought us to always tolerate with everyone, everything and anything. Why? Because life is not a straight highway. Some times you are in up there... the other time, you may end up in down there? Who knows? So, please be good to all human kind :)

The quotes that be my favorite is.... "People aren't loyal to companies, they're loyal to people they like". What does this mean? It means, employee is not really like their job or the company but because of their boss is a good man, then they willing to stay :) 

I, myself is very grateful and thankful cause Allah has been planned that I met a really good boss since then. MasyaAllah, they are really kind and have a very pure heart even though they are not in the same religion. SubhanaAllah. Allah is Almight. The real planner :)

Till we meet again,
Much love!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fasting... Replacement

Dear Laskar Pelangi,

I am fasting today and it's replacement. Rushing to finish it before next Ramadhan. Day 5 today. 5 days more to go! Hopefully I can manage it! InsyaAllah. 

Hmm ya, I admit my false. I should replace my fasting day earlier. I hope I can do better next year. Pray hard. I can do it.

Alhamdulillah. I managed to fast without any distraction. Go to work as usual. Doing my jobs as usual. A bit tired and challenging cause the others doesn't fast. It's not Ramadhan anyway so I can force people to not eating and drink in front me. Haha Ok, Cobaan! :)

So....... here we go! Few days to go!!! Aja Aja Fighting!!!! :)

Till we meet again,
Much love.