Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Untuk kesekian kali...
Ia nenyapa lagi....
Cukup, cukup sampai di sini...
Namun aku tidak pernah berhenti....

Bukan ilusi....
Antara hati dan budi...
Mana lebih sejati?

Saat mata menoleh ke depan...
Dan hati pun berdetak kencang...
Di mana perhentian?

Dan semua pergi tinggalkan...
Hanya tersemat tanpa bukaan...
Kerana mungkin itu memilukan...
Biarkan Tuhan beri jawapan.

Nukilan Cik Mai di petang hari.
5:12 pm, KL

Till then :)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I woke up at 02:09 am just now and can't go back to sleep. Don't know why. Maybe because I've had enough sleep. I was on MC yesterday and sleep all day long. Hmm.. I was walking down the digital world, google for some stuffs, view some nice pictures etc etc..... Still, my eyes wide open. So I decided to write something here at this hour. Let's talk about "dream". This is not "dream" a.k.a wish or ambition. This would be about a dream that we have had at night. No. I'm not gonna tell you a nightmare, ghost stories etc. Time restrictions! Haha

Have you ever had recurring dream? I mean a same story or same person, or same object etc... How does it feels anyway? To you. I feel annoying. I don't know if it happens because "it happened" at real time before. For some reason, I bet its not. Nothing to do with real life. There's a time I didn't have it but when its came once, it would stay longer, and recurring for 3-5 days in a row. Amazing. I can tell you that those dreams can help me to write one complete manuscript.

Talk about manuscript, I probably will continue with that idea. It just that, I will not write it in English cause I want to maintain the originality. Yaa, just to fill up my ample time sometimes. But not so soon haha. I need time to re-structure the story line. Not everything can be reveals. For safety reason haha. Ok, I can't laugh. I won't. This should be a serious story!! (continue laugh)

Ouch... It's 04:37 am and soon the sunshine take place. I must force myself to go back to sleep. Else, I probably yawn for thousand times at the office later.

Got to go!

Till then :)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Hello Laskar Pelangi,

Sepanjang 30 tahun hidup di dunia yang fana ini, maka saya telah menerima banyak soalan2 yang agak cliché. Meh kita tgk apakah soalan itu.

#1 - Kenapa saya suka shopping? - Siapa kenal saya, memang tau hal ini. Shopping adalah terapi saya di mana ia seolah2 rewards pada diri sendiri setelah penat bekerja!! Yang pasti duit titik peluh sendiri bukan laki orang yeee ;p

#2 - Kenapa saya garang? - Ok, semua org tahu ini. Hmm... Sebab saya sgt pendek dan ada ciri2 senang dibuli makanya saya perlulah garang untuk protect diri saya. Hmmm takut tak??? Haha

#3 - Kenapa saya pilih kawan ? - Hmm ok, saya mengaku saya bukan orangnya yang easy going. I am very selective. Bukan nak pilih2 orang tapi lebih kepada siapa yang betul2 bole dianggap 'kawan'.

#4 - Kenapa saya suka duduk rumah? - Sebab hobi saya tidur. Tidur mestilah kat rumah, ye tak?? Ngeeeee ;p

#5 - Kenapa saya mudah nangis? - Hmm yang ni entahlah... Yang pasti memang saya mudah menangis.

#6 - Kenapa saya jarang bersukan? - Sebab nak mengelak dari sakit itu ini. Kang ada jeeee sakit yang terkeluar dari badan ni!

#7 - Kenapa saya suka makan? - Sebab makanan bole menyebabkan perut saya berubah gembira. Tapi kalau susah hati, letakla ayam belanda panggang depan mata pun, tak laluuuu... Hahaha

#8 - Kenapa saya suka KLIA or lebih tepat airport? - Kerana pada saya di situlah saya melihat pertemuan dan perpisahan. Lagi satu pasal kat situ jek bole cuci mata tgk Pilot hahaha

#9 - Kenapa saya suka UK? - Sebab dari kecik saya suka British accent. Insyaallah will be there, one fine day!!

#10 - Kenapa saya tak kawen lagi? - Okay, yang ni sejak2 pegang title 30s memang saya banyak diasak dengan soalan ini. Macam mana nak jawab ni..... Mcm ni laa, saya tak menolak untuk berkahwin, tapi soalan saya, dengan siapa? Belum ada lagi yang berani masuk meminang, yang ikhlas terima semua kekurangan saya. Dan yang pasti Allah belum temukan jodoh buat saya. Bak kata Prof. Dr. Muhaya.... Kalau ada yang bertanya begini, jawabla "Insyaallah, doakan saya" :)

Till then,
Much love!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Minggu lepas pegi hospital untuk follow up macam biasa.
Juga sekali jumpa Respiratory Specialist.
Da X-Ray, da periksa semua.... Alhamdulillah OK!

Benda biasa la kot...
Kalau sakit mesti amek masa lama tuk sembuh...
Takpela, janji bole pegi keje cambiasa...

 2014 memang terbaik takat ini..
Tenang... Damai... Sabar..
 Mungkin sebab da tua kot?? ahahaha....

Tak payah nak pikir dalam2,
Tak payah nak stress2 sangat la kannn...

Till then,

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I hate this feeling!

Dear Laskar Pelangi,

Tell you what. I still have on off fever. Can you imagine? It's been a month. To be honest, I'm not really worry about it because I know I have such a weak body immune.

As I read through the Internet today, I know that I'm not the only one to have this kind of fever. Some say maybe because of the weather, the air, sleep routine, lack of water and many more. I guess I have this because all above huhuhu....

Emmm... But I suddenly a bit nervous when I read about the lung infection. It may cause death *gulp* Without further due, I call hospital for an appointment. Damn!!! My Neurologist is on leave this coming Saturday. As I really don't want to skip work, I chose to see him next week. Huh!!!

For now, I just can do the best to avoid any unexpected to be happened. Ya Allah, please protect me....

Btw, it's because of the body heating or what, I drink lots of water than usual... Huuuu, don't think rubbish then ;(

Till we meet again.
Much love :)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Medical Leave

Dear Laskar Pelangi,

I'm still on my Medical Leave today. Alhamdulillah. Getting better. The fever seems went away but the cough still here. Can do nothing at home because those medicine cause drowsiness. So I just watching TV while waiting for the TV turn to watch me back. I brought my laptop home but I can't focus to do my job since I cough hardly.

My Neurologist said that I have to stay in the hospital if I'm getting worse. I hate hospital. So I did my best to rest to the max and take my medication on time! I will be okay :)

Till we meet again,
Much love :)

Friday, 31 January 2014


Hello Laskar Pelangi,

When I first wrote here, my weight was only 40kg. It's back to 2009. I remember that time when everybody called me "kurus kering". With only 150cm height, I looked like "budak sekolah". I ate anything at anytime. I even had rice at 3am in the morning without any worries.

Time flies. 2014. Now I have to bear 50kg and full of regrets. I changed my diet routine. But still, can't get it away! I gained weight not because of foods but pills. I took pills since 2011. Yup, the side effect is this shit!!! Weight!!!!!!! Ohhhh... Sometimes I cried in front of the mirror because I can't wear some of my jeans and tops anymore. Uwaaaaaa..... Seriously, I hate this illness!

All I could do now is to control my diet qnd slowly reduce the quantity of rice in my daily diet. I also prevent myself to take any heavy dinner. I know I can't go back to my previous weight because I still take those pills. I need it for my health. But at least, I prevent myself from overweight or obesity.

Talk about that, I honestly regret to have this kind of illness. I love my previous size. That's when I full of regrets but I know I can't. Above all that I thank Allah to give me a chance to live in this world. Alhamdulillah.

Till we meet again.
Much Love :)